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"To become a fully fledged state institution by promoting the knowledge, attitudes and skills of the entire staff in a pleasant environment and making it more non-productive and effective public service".


Our Mission

"To provide a service in line with government policies, uplift the lifestyles of the society through a planned, efficient development process consisting of proper co-ordination of resources and participation of the people".

Evolution of Divisional Secretariat Badalkumbura

In 1974, an office was opened in Badalkumbura, Badulla road, on the 10th mile. H.M. Gunasekara was named as Badalkumbura Revenue Office. The officer bearer was HB Balasuriya. Distribution of food stamps (coupon books), issuing firearms permits" giving government information and reports  on land and other matters, then at that time, mail was the only communication medium.

In 1980, he was converted to the Assistant Government Agent's Office. Assistant Government Agent (Government Agent) Tissa K warnasuriya functioned as the Assistant Government Agent.

By 1988, the office was run at a rented house owned by Mr. R.M. Thisahami, which was destroyed during the reign of terror. Following the destruction, the Badalkumbura Agrarian Services Center was operated at atemporary office.

By the year 1990, it became a Divisional Secretariat and the land belonging to the Land Reform Commission was taken over by the Government and the construction of the Divisional Secretariat, Badalkumbura was Started. The building was opened on 23.08.1990. at that time Mr. R. Dharmasiri Piyasena was the Divisional Secretary and Mr. S.B.N.M. Manthipala was the Government Agent of Monaragala.

Divisional Secretaries who worked in Badalkumbura Division



Service Time

Mr. H.B. Balasuriya 

Revenue Officer

1974.07.12 – 1976

Mr. S.A. Sirisena

Assistant Government Agent (Government Agent)

1976 – 1977

Mr. Thissa K. Warnasuriya

Assistant Government Agent (Government Agent)

1977.01.01 – 1979.06.30

Mr. W.M. Wijesuriya

Assistant Government Agent (Government Agent)

1979.07.01 – 1981.11.01

Mr. Wmal Weerakoon

Assistant Government Agent (Government Agent)

1981.11.02 – 1984.01.01

Mr. W.A. Wijerathna

Assistant Government Agent (Government Agent)

1984.01.02 – 1989.12.31

Mr. R. Dharmasiri

Assistant Government Agent (Government Agent))

1990.01.01 – 1992.08.16

Mr. A.S. Kaluarachchi

Divisional Secretary

1992.08.17 – 1995.01.01

Mr. A. Kulathunga

Divisional Secretary

1995.01.02 – 1996.02.01

Mr. S.D. Keerthisighe

Divisional Secretary

1996.02.02 – 1999.07.18

Mr. H.M. Wijerathna (Acting)

Divisional Secretary

1999.07.19 – 2000.01.31

Mr. G.A.C. De Siva

Divisional Secretary

2000.02.01 – 2001.11.26

Mr. T.B.M. Athapaththu

Divisional Secretary

2001.11.28 – 2006.05.17

Mr. D.M. Karunarathna(Acting)

Divisional Secretary

2006.05.21 – 2006.10.31

Mr. W.S.I. Wijesekara

Divisional Secretary

2006.11.01 – 2008.11.22

Mr. T.P. Anura Hemakumara

Divisional Secretary

2008.12.01 – 2010.07.28

Mr. R.M.J.C. Rathnayaka

Divisional Secretary

2010.08.05 – 2013.01.31

Mr. G.U.K. Alwaththage (Acting)

Divisional Secretary

2013.02.01 – 2013.03.07

Mr. Kasun S.K. Wellahewa

Divisional Secretary

2013.03.18  - 2017.12.03

Mr. K. Prageeth Kulathilake (Acting) Divisional Secretary 2017.02.05 - 2018.08.02
Mr. K. Prageeth Kulathilake Divisional Secretary 2018.08.03 - 2019.02.01
Mr. K. Prageeth Kulathilake(Acting) Divisional Secretary 2019.02.01 - 2019.04.03
Mr. N.G.M.S. Kumara Divisional Secretary 2019.04.03 to Present

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